From NZD $100.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Location: Auckland City, Auckland

Hey boys,

 HOT Bangbang  ladies for Sunday afternoon function it will be a good afternoon with limited amount of guys - 



- Dress to impress! A very high standard of dress is expected, A very strict standard of dress tonight this includes collared & casual smart shirts, smart clubbing trousers or designer jeans, No trainers Jandals or T Shirts.

- Arrive freshly showered, well groomed & smelling good.

- Prepayment online is required to complete the booking.

- CCK is a Lifestyle Club for Male/Female Couples and Single Ladies, we are not a Brothel we are a Erotic Loungebar for couples into this lifestyle.

- The sort of single guys we like to admit to the club generally are attractive, well presented, well spoken and happy to hold a conversation comfortably.

- There is absolutely no guarantee of having sex with anyone at the club when you have paid your entry fee.

- We do not offer refunds under any circumstances.

A few simple Rules:

  1. NO always means NO
  2. ALWAYS ask before you touch
  3. NO means NO (Yes twice because it's most important)
  4. Single Guys are not allowed to touch or get involved unless you have asked or been invited
  5. Dont be creepy & hover around couples or single ladies - this is a massive turn off for most people who play openly in our playrooms.
  6. Always remember if you are an older person - don’t think a young couple wants to play with someone 40yrs their senior / DON’T BUG THEM unless you want them to leave straight away as you have scared them off.
  7. Be polite, stand back and wait to be invited.
  8. An easy way to get a hook up is to look good, be chatty then if you have impressed someone earlier in the social bar area theres a good chance you'll be invited to join the fun.
  9. Always remember CCK is a Club for Couples & single Ladies - as a single guy YOU are a guest so be respectful.
  10. YES enjoy yourself.