CCK's Hotwifing - Couples (M/F)/ Single Ladies (F)

From NZD $40.00
  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Location: Auckland

Afternoon Special - 4.00 pm till 9 pm CCKs Hot Wives Party 

A private function carefully curated for ladies and couples seeking to fulfill a very special fantasy: To socialise and play with single men, with the partner's approval and support, (of course)! There is a small and controlled number of guys who have met certain strict criteria. You may already have a single guy in mind whom you'd to invite, well that's cool too!

People sometimes ask what  the motivation is for a lady to be a 'Hotwive'? It can vary widely. Sometimes it's to 'spice up' the marriage. The excitement and wish to be desired by a stranger. The feeling of taboo. Some husbands encourage hotwifing. Maybe he enjoys a fetish of other men pleasuring his wife. Whatever is your motivation, there is one thing we can be very clear about. At CCK we offer a stylish, safe and sexy venue, just perfect for fulfilling your most erotic fantasies! Come along and play! 

A strict criteria for single guys will be required. All single guys will have been verified prior to joining the guest list and then being invited to attend an event. They will be genuine, fit and healthy, clean, well mannered, discrete and of course good looking.

A strict dress code will be enforced only very smart casual clothing
allowed even though it is a Sunday afternoon, guys especially you need to make
the effort to impress the ladies. For ladies seductive and sexy, for guys you
must dress to impress. NO JEANS, NO SHORTS, NO TRAINERS, NO JANDALS.

Auckland's first Stylish, Sensual & Erotic Club with international flair, entertaining sophisticated Couples (M/F, F/F) and Single Women (F). Single Males Wednesday ONLY

Please Note: a 'M/F couple' is defined as 1 female & 1 male, a F/F Couple is defined as 2 Females.

This is not a Kink event or Kink Venue.

A full bar is open along with all of the clubs facilities for everyone to

Pricing                       P/P / Couple

Early-Bird Price           40 /  80

Prime-Time Price        50  / 100

Final Stretch Price      60  / 120